Letter: Help Save Acreage Park Project

It appears that the previously planned Acreage Community Park expansion and community center are in jeopardy of not becoming a reality. The Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors is considering removing this needed project from their budget. As residents, we have a voice, and we need to be heard. This center will be a great asset to all residents of our community. More fields and recreational areas will help the Acreage Athletic League’s many sports programs continue to grow and expand. The community center will benefit all Acreage residents as well. This center can be used for preschool programs, Mommy & Me activities, art programs, senior programs and clubs, school organizations, tutorial programs, community dances and concerts, movie and game night events, party rentals and fitness facilities, not to mention the variety of indoors sports for children and adults.

I encourage all parents, athletes, children and senior citizens to let your voices be heard by completing the form on www.indiantrail.com under community center and by attending the next ITID meeting on April 10 at 6:30 p.m. The residents of this community will truly benefit from this project!

Molly Harding, Acreage Athletic League


  1. How soon we’ve forgotten TS Isaac and the flood waters and the inherent dangers of such situations to ALL Acreage residents. I urge ALL residents to attend ITID meetings and raise their voices and demand ITID do whatever it takes to attain peak drainage and to allocate tax payer dollars to infrastructure improvement before any dollars and time are directed to parks and recreational activities. What good are parks and recreational areas if they are under water?

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