Letter: Help Student Study Florida

I am a seventh-grade student, and my class is doing a class project on different states. Mine is, of course, Florida. I would like to learn more about Florida and its history. I saw your paper and like the way it looked. Your town looks and sounds like my dream town. I wish I was there so I could talk to you in person.

I am writing to ask if you could publish my letter in your newspaper so the people from your town could read it and write to me about what life is like in Florida. They should use my school’s address (shown below). Thank you for your time and consideration.

Joseph Darr
Queen of Peace Catholic School
4508 Vistula Road
Mishawaka, IN 46544


  1. hedge funds are moving out of NY City:

    No State Income Tax
    “The New York Post highlighted this key fact, which can significantly increase one’s take-home pay: there’s no state income tax in the Sunshine State. Compare that to New York, where the state and local governments took $14.71 of every $100 earned in 2010, according to state records.”

    The ‘Bloomberg’ Factor
    “The Real Deal reports that ‘more established firms are skittish about New York City, especially given the fear of less business-friendly policies in the post-Bloomberg era.’ The billionaire mayor leaves office this year.”

    “As Evan Rapoport, CEO of HedgeCo.net, says ‘Palm Beach County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country and I had a lot of investor contacts here, so for those who want to raise funds, (South Florida, and Palm Beach County in particular, is fertile ground).’”

    Better Place to do Business
    “In CNBC’s ranking of the top states in America for business, Florida finished 29th, ahead of New York, which finished 34th. Florida was buoyed by its workforce, ranked third in the nation.”

    Cheaper Living Costs
    “The same CNBC ranking showed New York is one of the most expensive states in the nation, ranking 47th in that category. By contrast, Florida ranked 25th.”


    • And what does this have to do with the original letter from young Mr. Darr? And exactly what point are you trying to make? If you want to make a point separate from the original letter then make it in a Letter To The Editor, but then you would have to sign your name…..

      Oh, and I thought you were going to use your time more productively? Luckily I can make a comment in here and use my time productively.

  2. Mr Rosen I hope that some day you will accept the spirit of God that has comforted billions of believers . You will have a need to respond,  but I am going to use my time more productively elsewhere. I have read your prior posts so I get your point of view.

  3. I’m sorry I upset you with the facts. All you ever do is attach the messenger and it is quite sad. I believe you are from NY and are an atheist. You prove my point sir.

    • HIV: “Attach the messenger”? I suppose you mean attack, but let’s skip over that. I said your response was inappropriate for what the young man was asking for. And I showed that your bias is amazing.

      Anyway, yes, I am from NY and a devout, well-educated, science-believing Atheist. Your ‘point’ about the NE, etc. is ludicrous, but let’s skip your vast generalizations.

      And think about this as well, out of all the thousands or tens of thousands of gods and assorted deities mankind has believed in/still believes in, I only believe in one less then you do. I do love you self-righteous people whose beliefs are the only true ones.

  4. Much of Florida is inhabited by conservatives who believe in the traditional family unit where two parents of the opposite sex raise children according to the tenants of some religious order. Many residents in the costal areas came to Florida to vacation or to escape the cold weather in the Northeastern states. Since those states are mostly anti religion, and pro abortion Florida, at least for national elections, has become a “swing” state. By that I mean Florida might choose a Republican in one national election as it did when George W. Bush was elected twice to serve as President of the United States, and later voted in favor an ultra liberal /progressive democrat when in 2008 it chose President Obama as its candidate. Of course in that election there was no true conservative choice. Florida again voted President Obama into office for a second term and Mitt Romney was the moderate Republican in that race.

    Essentially Florida like so many other left leaning States has financial shortfalls and depends heavily on support from the Federal Government. Florida is currently being led by a somewhat conservative governor, Rick Scott. He has been the target of the liberal press because he is not the typical progressive who believes in big government and debit financing. In other words, while conservatives would reduce government spending, liberals, now known as progressives, (mostly Democrats) want you to pick up the tab for current spending. It would be like giving you a credit card when you are ready to go to work that has exhausted its credit limit, and you have to pay it off even though you didn’t buy anything for yourself.

    Pray to God that people wake up and smell the coffee before we experience a total economic collapse.

    • To High Information Voter:

      This is your response to a seventh-grader who has asked for help on a school project? Amazing. I hope you were just venting in the online space and did not actually send your diatribe to young Mr. Joseph Darr.

      I do like the way you characterize President Obama as “ultra liberal/progressive democrat” yet fail to define President Bush as a “right-wing/religious fanatic who speaks directly to god republican”. Obviously you are not trying to give the student an impartial story of things, nor did you answer his request.

      I also love the way you define the Northeast as “mostly anti-religion” as opposed to “logical, science-believing thinkers”

      Sir/Madam, you may pray to your imaginary deity all you like, enjoy.

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