Letter: Support For Martha Webster

The following letter is in response to Michael Axelberd’s letter “Support For Swift” published last week.

How odd that I was standing right next to you at the Saratoga Pines HOA meeting where you retell comments from our invited guest, Councilwoman Martha Webster, and I can honestly say that I heard none of them.

You say that she did not respond to the question, “Would you never vote for anything but residential on the [wastewater treatment plant property]? Yes or No?” Clearly she said she heard two suggestions from the group — residential and the senior housing. She said she would honor what the people wanted as there were several different opinions, not just the one of the questioner.

She commented on commercial development in the village when she said that “the horse was out of the barn on commercial development when the council before her voted on all the commercial and retail along State Road 7 and Southern Blvd.,” adding that “Mr. Swift was holding the barn door wide open!” From what I see, that is a pretty accurate statement.

It sounds like Dave Swift is having trouble getting support. Most likely because he did not do anything but just sit on the council for 20 years. It seems he has not earned the respect of the community enough to run against a strong incumbent. Councilwoman Webster has been active in working with everyone, so I have to figure that all the folks are more than ready to work for her.

Mr. Swift, you really have been there way too long. Dishonest statements don’t work anymore. The last thing the people need is another man telling folks to “shut up.” Enough is enough — stay retired.

Jerry Coffman
Royal Palm Beach