Letter: We Know What We Voted For

Last year, we voted for the mayor and members of the Wellington Village Council. Looking at the last few local elections in Wellington, it seems that more village residents voted in this election than in any other village election in quite some time. Why does the Wellington Chamber of Commerce continue to insult our intelligence, attacking the people we voted for and pretending that the election wasn’t representative of the wishes of the people?

I voted for Bob Margolis, Matt Willhite and John Greene, and so did thousands of other Wellington voters. We studied the issues, met with all the candidates and made the decision to change the way business was being done in our great village. Maybe the chamber is upset because they know when people in Wellington get involved, they can’t control who runs our government, and when sunlight is put on our elected officials, they can’t run shady backroom deals that only serve to enrich their members.

Today I am asking the Wellington Chamber to respect our decision and find a positive way to work with our elected leaders. I am also asking the people of Wellington to stay involved — always remember to vote and participate in our local government. But most importantly, I want to remind everyone that we should never go back to a time when our village was run by a small group of people whom we never voted for.

Virginia Merola


  1. I wonder how pleased and cooperative you were when Governor Rick Scott was elected, or when George W. Bush was elected as president twice. I wonder if you have been silent about their activities. And I bet you also voted for a new Inspector General of Palm Beach, and I also bet you did not think it was going to cost you $9 million dollars. I know you didn’t know it was going to cost you $9 million dollars for the Inspector General because Commissioner Jess Santamaria told you that contractors doing business with the county and local governments were going to fund the Inspector General. Now that you know that it was either wishful thinking or a lie I bet you still support the decision of 72% of the voters who voted to create an Inspector General.

    And why did 72% of the voters vote for the Inspector General? Was it because of the media blitz that Palm Beach County was more corrupt than say Miami/Dade? Probably so. Of course you might not have voted for the creation of the Inspector General’s office if you were thinking as I was that law enforcement had done a fantastic job of uncovering crimes that sent three commissioners to jail. But that probably didn’t occur to you because you bought into the promise that it wasn’t going to cost you anything, and that Palm Beach County needed better policing.

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