Letter: Wellington As A John Grisham Novel?

Billionaire developer creates secret deal with local government to approve facilities that will make him millions while potentially destroying the environment and quality of life in a small town. When his plans are potentially derailed, he files lawsuits, engages in character assassination and threatens small-town elected officials who dared stand up to him.

This isn’t The Pelican Brief, folks; it’s happening right now in Wellington, and the guy behind it all is Mark Bellissimo. Don’t let fear and intimidation ruin our village. We made the right choice when we changed the way Wellington was doing business. At least we know in a John Grisham novel, the good guys always somehow win. Let’s not write a different ending here in Wellington.

Nancy Tanner, Wellington


  1. Nancy do you like your parks and schools and beautification of streets and HOA entries. Guess who pays for them? Surely not the rentals and low income houses! Like them or not the wealthy pay more than their fair share of taxes to keep you in a pristine environment.

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