Letter: Where Is The Leadership?

Although unfortunate, it seems like the lack of leadership in Washington has made its way to Wellington. Since our last election, all that has come from the Wellington Village Council has been acrimony, excess litigation, staff bashing, and attacks on the business and the equestrian community.

Resident dissatisfaction with the council and the village has led many in the community to want to de-annex from Wellington. On top of the that, our mayor and one councilman have been under investigation by the ethics commission for accepting large amounts of cash from influential residents with hopes of getting their way on many issues affecting the village.

Just like our country, Wellington was blessed with outstanding leadership in the early years of its existence. mayors Foster, Wenham and Priore, and managers Lynn and Schofield, did an outstanding job leading this village to be one of the premier communities in Florida. Even though there were differences on many issues, they all put aside their personal desires and worked together in a spirit of compromise to do what was best for the village.

Since being elected, none of the current council has forwarded their vision or strategic plan for the village. No direction or new initiative (except the community center and tennis center) has been brought forward to bring the residents together in a positive way and to look at keeping our community as an outstanding place to live both now and in the foreseeable future. Let’s get rid of the big money politics that has corrupted Washington, and has now affected our small community as well. Hopefully, the village can return to the positive and resident-driven government that made it great in the early years.

Steve Haughn, Wellington


  1. And I’ll take the other stance: not happy with Village Council AND I voted for the 3 winning candidates. Just plain tired of the division, the cost to Village taxpayers, the drain of the Village’s coffers and the lack of forward visioning. In a marriage there is compromise; no one person should be in control. In the Village no one group should control. There should be evidence of compromise on matters.

    Matt Willhite has always been a contrarian, Mayor Margolis is a quiet gentleman, but it seems that John Greene is just too emotional and expects privileges for himself. At a Village Agenda Review a few weeks back, Councilman Greene complained about black matter on HIS patio; so special treatment for Mr. Greene to have Wellington staff come out and test some of the black matter on HIS patio; when that ‘black matter’ had already been tested by Village staff years ago. Stop the special privileges. Stop the elitism.

    Mr. Haughn is correct in his assessment. The people in Wellington are tired of the battles and cringe everytime they see an article in the newspaper regarding the in-fighting in Wellington. We want balance on the council, not a predictable 3-2 vote on matters.

  2. The three quarters million dollars spent by the Jacobs cabal funded a deceitful campaign to get the current majority elected. They are tearing down the equestrian industry because the elitists don’t want people coming to “their” events.

  3. By a 3-1 margin most Villagers are very happy with the new Council. You are in the distinct minority. We got rid of the big money influence in the last election.

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