Letter: Where Was The Rebuttal?

A recent lengthy article in BizPac Review about Wellington politics stood out to me for one reason. The article showed back and forth on almost every point of contention. Though I tend to believe the folks not named Bellissimo, at least it seems that the reporter gave everyone involved a chance to tell their side of the argument.

But there was one area where there was no rebuttal and that really stood out to me. The article states that after the election, [Councilman] John Greene and Mark Bellissimo tried to have a cordial relationship and work on issues, but there was a heated confrontation with threats when Greene notified Bellissimo that he would not be supporting the settlement agreement.

Greene states Bellissimo threatened not only to destroy him, but also cost the village millions of dollars in legal fees. Not once in the story does Bellissimo directly refute that telling of events. In fact, he focuses on other areas when it comes to Greene. This leads me to believe that Greene is telling the truth, and also clearly shows that Bellissimo can talk about making the village better all he wants, but his only motivation in all this is to have a Wellington government that will rubber stamp his plans, and he will threaten and try to destroy anyone who stands in his way — even if it costs the village he cares so deeply about millions of dollars in the process.

Linda Biancarosa, Wellington