‘Whole Horse, Whole Rider’ March 7 At Whole Foods

The third lecture in the “Whole Horse, Whole Rider” series will be held Thursday, March 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Whole Foods Market in Wellington (2635 S. State Road 7).

The series investigates the mind, body and emotions of horses and humans.

Geoff Teall and Paolo Santana shared their philosophy on horses and training at the first talk, while Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt and Dr. Beverly Gordon shared tips to keep you and your horse physically fit at the second talk.

The third talk, titled “How Horses Help Us Heal and Teach Us About Ourselves,” will explore the inner relationship with horses — the emotional side to horses and humans and what connects us.

Guest Lizabeth Olszewski, director/founder of Horses Healing Hearts, Mary Ann Simonds and others will discuss the emotional bond between horses and humans.

Olszewski connects kids living in families with addiction with horses. She will share personal stories of how horses impact not just kids but the whole family. Simonds has conducted research for over 25 years on horse-human interactions.

For more information about the talk, call Whole Foods Market at (561) 904-4000.

For additional information, visit www.horseshealingheartsusa.org or www.maryannsimonds.com.