Wildcat Dancers Take Home First Place From Orlando Event

The Wildcat Dance Team from Royal Palm Beach High School, under the artistic direction of Michele Blecher, competed on March 1-3 at the I Love Dance competition in Orlando. The dancers competed with four dance routines, winning a first-place trophy for each routine.

Bianca Labady and Bryce Blecher performed “Everything You Want;” Tatyanna Blackmon, Brittany Canales, Kim Benavente, Bryce Blecher, Bianca Labady and Anna Solomon performed “Already There;” Raul Santiago, Briel Acre, Nadia Perez, Kim Benavente, Anna Solomom, Bryce Blecher, Bianca Labady, Stephanie Ligorria, Loren Estebanez, Larissa Nivid and Brittany Canales performed “Dearly Beloved;” Bri Gribble, Tatyanna Blackmon and Andres Carazes performed “Already There;” and Raul Santiago, Bianca Labady, Kim Benavente, Nadia Perez, Anna Solomon, Stephanie Ligorria, Bryce Blecher, Loren Estebanez, Larissa Nivid, Tatyanna Blackmon, Bri Gribble, Brittany Canales and Andres Carazes performed “Big, Blond & Beautiful.”

Above: The dancers who performed “Already There.”