Letter: Drainage Must Be First For ITID

In response to the Acreage Athletic League letter published in the March 29 issue of the Town-Crier, it is a question of priorities. The Indian Trail Improvement District is at a crossroads. Since its founding as a water control district in 1957, ITID’s number-one concern was and is controlling water. ITID’s second priority is roads. Building roads and maintaining roads for easy entering and exiting The Acreage/Loxahatchee neighborhoods. Also, ITID’s focus on roads is for speedy evacuating for tropical storms and hurricanes.

As for parks, in 1992, ITID made the decision to own, construct and operate recreational facilities. This became ITID’s third priority. ITID now has nine expansive and beautiful parks. Our community is quite fortunate to have these parks.

Currently, ITID has evaluated the situation concerning its priorities. As evidenced at its monthly meetings, beginning after Tropical Storm Isaac in August 2012, ITID has made a choice to follow a course concerning its priorities.

The safety and well-being of the entire Acreage community, adults and children, young and old, healthy, physically challenged and homebound, all residents of this marvelous community must be protected first and foremost from any disaster.

The park improvements and additions have not been forgotten. The priority of the ITID as a water control district is repairing and implementing a long-term maintenance program to support flood control. The condition and capacity component of Acreage canals and storage facilities are poor or failing. Therefore, today Indian Trail has made a considerate and appropriate decision to control the water within The Acreage/Loxahatchee neighborhoods.

Penny Riccio, The Acreage

Editor’s note: Ms. Riccio is a former supervisor of the Indian Trail Improvement District.