Letter: Focus On ‘Facts On The Ground’

In last week’s edition of the Town-Crier, there was a letter from a Peter Yeager, who extols Mark Bellissimo at the expense of Jeremy Jacobs. Many, if not most, of the letters here supporting the hotel/commercialization have come from Bellissimo’s Wellington Chamber of Commerce partners/employees/friends. Is this yet another?

Sadly, I know little of Mr. Jacobs except what I read here, but he isn’t attempting to:

1. Build a huge hotel in our equestrian preserve.

2. Put a large commercial complex into our equestrian preserve.

3. He hasn’t built edifices without village permits.

4. He hasn’t torn down village red flags that warn of possible danger.

5. He hasn’t not turned in plans in a timely fashion as required.

6. He doesn’t have numerous lawsuits against our village.

No, that would be Mark Bellissimo in every instance.

So who exactly is the bad guy here: the guy trying to protect the preserve (and his adjacent property) or the newcomer developer?

Once again, as one of the original incorporation leaders and vision conference members, I can say unequivocally that we never wanted commercialization or a hotel in our equestrian preserve.

I would rather have a council not beholden to the Wellington Chamber, for they were also part of losing a multi-million-dollar gift from a former county commissioner and his wife who ended up giving their money elsewhere due to the same kind of politics we are now witnessing. Millions were offered to improve and expand our equestrian community and lost in much the same manner, and by some of the same people.

Give me a council that protects the entire village from expansive hotels and commercialism, instead of a business chamber-orientated one. We relish being a residential community and readily embrace new businesses that are all about us. But careful planning is necessary lest we become like the places we left, inundated with strip malls, signage and traffic. And, yes, Mr. Bellissimo’s plans would probably mean widening South Shore Blvd./Lake Worth Road, due to traffic, but that is something kept hushed up!

Long ago the equestrians exclaimed (and rightly so), “Don’t divide our community by widening our roads; horses and cars don’t mix.” But with Bellissimo’s plans, that would be a hollow chorus. Would it be less dangerous now with even more horses and the proposed changes/traffic?

I note that Mr. Yeager mentioned not once, not a single word about these things; he used only character assassination instead of on-the-ground realities. I guess it is the reality of our nation 2013, partisan politics disregarding the facts, to the detriment of us all.

George Unger, Wellington


  1. Safety in the Equestrian Preserve is a must.

    Why can’t the equestrians unite to have an equestrian bridge or tunnel for horse crossings on South Shore Blvd? (a previous equestrian committee actually attempted to do this, but sadly was waylaid)

    Why can’t the equestrians unite to separate horses and golf carts and other motorized vehicles on the horse trails?

    Why is safety not a concern for children who want to access the Village Park? How can children walk or ride their bikes to the park? Are they supposed to go along Stribling Way and down Pierson Rd, when the logical direct access should be down Pierson Rd from South Shore? This Village is not only about equestrians, but also our youth and their ability to access a major park in the Village is currently hampered by lack sidewalks or even an all purpose trail.

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