Letter: Focusing On The Good In Boston

Your paper recently posted an opinion on the Boston bombings. The message I got was one of coming together and moving forward. It also mentions focusing on the good that comes out during these tragedies.

While we all do that, we have to realize that these events are no longer confined to those foreign countries over there. These events are now a part of our world, like it or not. They may not be as frequent, but they happen anyway. Maybe it’s the way we live, being free to do basically what we want with some exceptions.

While moving forward seems to be how we try to get over these tragedies, we need to be very aware of what has happened, what can happen, and what we can do about it. Unless we take some precautions, these horrible crimes will continue. While we ponder what to do, let’s not just say that we will be better and stronger because of them. Remember that those injured and lost are not moving forward so quickly.

We should not let our focus on the good cloud our vision of what they are going through. That vision should prompt us to take necessary actions to impact the violence we now live with. Let’s move forward, but tip toe with caution, because not everyone comes out of these events bigger, better or stronger.

Tom Mackey, Royal Palm Beach