Letter: Not In Favor Of ‘Section 8 Senior Housing’

I have read that Councilman Fred Pinto is claiming that he will work to bring a third party Section 8 senior housing complex to the Village of Royal Palm Beach. Many of my friends heard Mayor [Matty Mattioli] say this about a year ago and were very upset that he, and now Pinto, want to do this.

The mayor said that there was a good senior facility in Belle Glade and that he wanted the builder to do the same here. I want to go on the record to say that I do not want Section 8 housing of any kind in my community, and I am very angry that both of these two men keep on making plans to do so. This is not what I want in Royal Palm Beach.

Juan Felix Dominguez, Royal Palm Beach

Editor’s note: Given that Mr. Dominguez has offered an opinion asserting Councilman Pinto’s support for Section 8 senior housing, contrary to opinions Mr. Pinto has provided the Town-Crier in the past, we asked Mr. Pinto if his opinions on the subject have changed. He provided this reply: “I am currently and always have been opposed to any Section 8 housing of any kind in our village, be it private or government agencies, sponsored or nonprofit in any shape or form. That has always been my view and it will continue to be my view, that I will not support Section 8 housing construction.”


  1. I hope Juan Felix Dominguez, who is so opposed to section 8 housing for senioris has a lot of money saved up for his old age b/c most senior housing today is charging thosands of dollars a month. Plenty of senior have worked all their lives at lower paying jobs or lost their savings due to illness or other family problems. Where is the compassion? We can bail out homeowners who overextended themselves buying homes they couldn’t really afford but when it comes to helping the elderly, handicapped and disabled, we look the other way. Some family values society we have. I hope there are some leaders in Royal Palm Beach who do care about the examples we set for our children.

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