Letter: Sexual Assault Awareness Day

The Palm Beach County commissioners have designated April 13 as “Sexual Assault Awareness Day,” and we are thankful for those who stand ready to deal with the consequences of sexual assault.

According to Dr. Ben Carson, “We do not stop to consider the causes for the problems we face. We are constantly behind the curve on resolving society’s ills. We believe that laws that prevent criminal and irresponsible behavior are the cure, when in fact if we cure the cause, we would enjoy greater freedoms and more people would conduct themselves responsibly.”

So what are the possible causes for sexual assault, rape and yes, even “Corruption County?” No doubt the following suggestion will not be received well by some individuals; nevertheless, I believe that one cause is arguably the abandonment of traditional moral and religious values that taught previous generations respect for human life, self-worth and personal responsibility, and that abandoning those values has contributed to the moral decay of our society.

Frank Morelli, Wellington