New Book For Kids Raises Awareness Of Sun Safety

In her latest children’s book, Hey, Don’t Forget the Sunscreen! Sun Safety and Protection For Your Skin, Acreage author Kimberling Galeti Kennedy helps parents to gently instruct children on the grave dangers of unprotected sun exposure while stressing the importance of vitamin D.

Kennedy encourages families to take sun exposure seriously in order to avoid the consequences that so many have tragically suffered. She hopes that providing children with the knowledge needed for ultraviolet ray protection will better equip future generations of parents and children to be more proactive and prepared.

The book teaches kids how to effectively incorporate vitamin D into their diets, dress appropriately for sun exposure and take other preventative measures to preserve the health of their skin.

Published by Tate Publishing, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or This is also an eLIVE title, meaning each book contains a code redeemable for a free audio version from Tate Publishing.

Originally from Cleveland, Kennedy now resides in The Acreage with her husband, Joseph, and son, Joe. She and her husband have both undergone extensive treatment for Basal cell and Squamous cell carcinoma. Kennedy is also the author of Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day!


Above: Author Kimberling Galeti Kennedy at her Acreage home.