Oxbridge Math Team Adds Up Among Top In Florida

After a strong performance at the Florida Math League competition March 12, Oxbridge Academy’s math team finished its inaugural season ranked 15th in the state and among the top 35 percent in the nation.

The team, which includes students in grades 9-11, competed against other Florida high school students to solve six difficult questions in just 30 minutes, with problems ranging across all disciplines of math. Things added up for the Oxbridge mathletes, and they achieved their highest composite score of the year.

The team’s strong finale follows an impressive performance in the Mathematical Association of America: American Mathematics Contest, a 25-question, 75-minute multiple choice examination. Taking the 10th-grade level exam, the Oxbridge Academy team of Jake Reinhart, Brandon Hass and Matthew Troung collectively ranked in the top 35 percent among 1,166 schools nationwide. Brian Reinhart, Andre Bigos and Daniel Ribeiro took the 12th-grade exam and also placed in the top 35 percent of 1,420 schools.

Oxbridge’s talented math squad includes Andre Bigos, Brandon Hass, Richard Hong, Weir King, Justin Lubin, Ian Mathison, Kailey McCormick, Brian Reinhart, Jack Reinhart, Daniel Ribeiro and Matthew Truong. Each of these students contributed to the team’s success in the final tournament and throughout the first season.

The goal of the Florida Math League and the Mathematical Association of America is to strengthen the mathematical capabilities of the nation’s youth by identifying and recognizing excellence. Through a series of national contests, students are encouraged to prepare intensely and exercise their abilities beyond the classroom, fostering their educational growth.

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Above: The Oxbridge Academy math team.