H.L. Johnson Honored As ‘Green School Of Excellence’

H.L. Johnson Elementary School and its environmental group, “Team Green,” have focused on stepping up their green initiatives and practices.

Last year, the school was recognized by the School District of Palm Beach County as being a “Green School of Quality.”

Since then, its goal was to strive for excellence. On Monday, April 1, H.L. Johnson staff was notified that the school has been awarded the “Green School of Excellence” recognition.

The school hosts a “Green Day” event, where students wear green and bring in recyclables (paper, glue sticks, glue bottles, juice pouches, shoes, paper, ink toners, ink cartridges, and cell phones), as well as green fundraisers.

Students and staff have worked hard to reduce paper consumption (newsletters are printed on tree-free paper donated by a local store), and their efforts have been rewarded.

A luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1 for all the Palm Beach County schools that will be receiving the award.