Letter: Letter Was From Sore Losers

The following is my response to last week’s letter by Gary Webster, husband of former Royal Palm Beach Councilwoman Martha Webster (Dave Swift’s Sign Fixation, May 10). Losing an election is tough. I should know because my husband David has lost two of them during his political career. I understand your frustration, but I never expected to be personally attacked with false statements and outright lies in our local paper. I recognize that as a political figure, my husband is fair game, but as a private citizen, I am not.

This is the second time that you or your wife have attempted to smear my reputation by filing false charges of stealing campaign signs in 2006, and again restating the same nonsense in last week’s Town-Crier as a spiteful way to get back at my husband. All I can say is shame on you. If anyone would like a copy of the 2006 police report, they can make a public records request at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office District 9 substation, located at 11498 Okeechobee Blvd. in Royal Palm Beach and request a copy of case No. 06-042241 (March 28, 2006).

Based on Mr. Webster’s letter, it is clear he has not read the 2006 report. What it says is that I was “exceptionally cleared” of all charges filed against me. His letter also states that Martha Webster had nothing to do with filing these false charges against me. Page 1 of the report clearly identifies Martha as one of the two complainants interviewed in the case.

Mr. Webster’s letter also states that I was “caught red handed with the goods.” The report states that a search of my car produced no stolen campaign signs. His letter goes on to say that the charges were “suspiciously dropped” suggesting my husband has some kind of influence over the PBSO and the state attorney’s office that handled this case. There is nothing suspicious about it. There was no evidence found that I did anything illegal or inappropriate — end of story.

His letter ends stating that my husband wants to limit political campaign signs in the village. Nothing could be further from the truth. At last week’s council meeting, my husband voted to allow campaigns signs on certain areas of village-owned property with no change to what is allowed on private property. This change will increase sign exposure for new, less-experienced candidates who might want to challenge an incumbent.

When you make the decision to run for public office you need to understand three basic things: 1) it is very competitive, 2) there are only winners and losers, and 3) the voters seldom get it wrong. You and your wife need to accept these facts, move on and refocus your lives to help make this a better community. The election is over. Nobody likes a sore loser.

Nixie Swift, Royal Palm Beach