Letter: Power Play For Papers Disturbing

The Fourth Estate is the public press or media and has immense political and social power. Controlling the media can positively or negatively shape society. Because it is recognized as such an important body, many nations have laws which protect the rights of the press, ensuring that citizens have access to reporting. That is why Hitler’s strategy to gain complete power began first by grabbing control of all the newspapers and printed material. He understood that if you control the media, you control the people. This would enable him to program the public to any agenda he wanted.

The Koch brothers also want to grab control of the Fourth Estate. They are bidding for the Broward Sun-Sentinel and the Tribune Company’s eight regional papers, which include the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun and the Orlando Sentinel, to name a few. These billionaires created and financed the right-wing Tea Party and got their initial fortune or seed money from their dad, who made his wealth supplying oil to Stalin.

Now they want to implement Hitler’s strategy by bidding for many newspapers nationwide in order to control the message. No matter what your party affiliation, does anyone really want to relive that history again? Seriously?

Jude Smallwood, Royal Palm Beach


  1. So wait a second. Ms. Smallwood is ok with the Tribune company owning all these newspapers but is ready to explode because the Koch brothers might buy them?

    She is obviously upset because the Koch’s are independent from the Democratic Party.

    The liberal-progressives are a dangerous group. Any person or group with thoughts divergent from theirs are compared to Hitler.

    Ms. Smallwood, what about Obama’s DOJ snooping on the press? That’s worse than the Kochs buying some dying newspapers.

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