Letter: Steckler Vs. Weisman

Inspector General Sheryl Steckler’s approach since she first accepted the Office of the Inspector General has been arrogant. Her interpretation of the role of her office was offensive as she pushed to homogenize the methodology of delivery of services unique to each individual municipality. She was determined that her “job” was compliance of what she termed “efficiencies” — a much different concept from “corruption.”

County Administrator Bob Weisman is correct in his position that as an employee of the county she has severely overreached in attempting to intervene in the municipal lawsuit. Her actions have been divisive as illustrated by the chaos that she has created since taking this position. The voters would be better served with a new and less strident individual at the helm. She has become the very government employee that the office was created to protect the public from; the inspector general has become the inquisitor general.

Evan Knepley, Royal Palm Beach


  1. Palm Beach County is so full of inept, unworthy, crooked politicians that is why there was such a huge approval for creating this office.

    We all know, those elected; take advantage of their office to the betterment of themselves and their wants and needs rather than the people who voted them into office.

    Exposure to the sunlight is a good thing.

    Who is trying to hide their deeds?

  2. The Inspector General was supposed to be the jewel in Commissioner Jess Santamaria’s crowing accomplishment. But it turns out that instead of his promise that the IG would not cost taxpayers a cent, he now wants a new tax on us to support the $7.5 million dollar a year IG office. He even supported the three rogue candidates who took office in Wellington, and one of their first decisions was to pull Wellington out of the lawsuit to prevent the Commissioners from levying new taxes on residents of all the municipalities in Palm Beach County.

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