Letter: Support The Inspector General

I, like most, if not all, of the 72 percent of Palm Beach County voters who voted for the creation of the Office of the Inspector General, am absolutely appalled by the contempt being shown not only to the OIG, but also to the desire of we, the people.

It is absurd to try to tie the hands of [Inspector General] Sheryl Steckler behind her, blindfold and gag her and then have the audacity to criticize her performance. Shame on you, [County Administrator] Bob Weisman, who had been an excellent administrator until you eliminated over 700 jobs during a recession, and now your relentless attack on the IG. Shame also on the cities who are part of this clandestine conspiracy. The Town-Crier and every other newspaper that I read fully support the OIG and Sheryl Steckler.

What on Earth is scaring a minority who seem to have no problem with our label Corruption County?

It was encouraging to see Rhonda Ferrin-Davis get up for the very first time in chambers and speak in support of the IG. (You go, girl!) Eloquent speeches were given by the majority that spoke (97% in favor). One commissioner pointed out that all the speakers in support of the IG came from the same place. Is it relevant where they came from?

What’s happening to Sheryl is wrong. What the detractors are doing to her and her office is deplorable. It’s like taking a sleeping pill and a laxative in the same night. Keep up the good work, Sheryl. We, the people are behind you 100 percent.

Alma Slater, Wellington


  1. 72% of the voters were not aware of the fact that the OIG would cost them so much. While the IG is asking for $3.3 million for office staff the county also provides workspace, and other funding which comes to $7.5 million dollars a year.

    The criticism of the IG is not that she is doing too little. The problem is that she is meddling in the affairs of municipal officials going back 10 years, and her demand for information is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and consuming valuable personnel time to comply.

    I can only imagine how much more tax money would be wasted on fruitless investigation if the OIG had another 14 lawyers.

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