New Technology Helps Lower Crime Rate

The Isles at Wellington community has seen a significant drop in burglaries since the installation of new MyCommunityAlert (MCA) text and e-mail alert technology.

MCA is a real-time, web-based system designed to provide critical information and emergency notification to community residents and local officials. MCA is the only service of its kind that monitors public safety and municipal web sites to provide complete and updated information. The findings were derived from statistics compiled by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Specifically, the statistics show significant drops in residential and automobile burglaries since the adoption of the easy-to-use MCA technology. Residential burglaries were reported to have declined 86 percent and automotive burglaries dropped 96 percent during the two and a half years measured.

“While our neighborhood is a safe one, we are always seeking cost-efficient ways to further protect our residents and their property,” said Greg Cafaro, president of the Isles at Wellington. “When we learned about MyCommunityAlert, we thought it would be a very helpful tool in protecting the community and keeping residents informed.”

MCA was created by a team of experts that includes a law enforcement official with 26 years of experience. MCA provides information via text messages and e-mails to registered users within minutes — anything from public emergencies and crime warnings to community activities and construction information.

MCA is currently in use with more than 5,000 homeowners in Palm Beach County, including Versailles, Olympia, the Isles at Wellington and the Wellington Equestrian Club. “The impact MCA has had on further lowering crime at communities like the Isles at Wellington clearly demonstrates the return on investment the technology can deliver,” MCA Vice President Renee Leibler said.

For more information, or to schedule a demonstration, visit or contact Leibler at (914) 319-3779 or