Participants Sought For Cancer Study

Residents of Palm Beach County have an opportunity to participate in a historic study that has the potential to change the face of cancer for future generations.

Men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 who have never been diagnosed with cancer are needed to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). CPS-3 will enroll a diverse population of up to half a million people across the United States and Puerto Rico. The opportunity for local residents to enroll in CPS-3 is being made possible in partnership with JFK Medical Center on June 11 and June 15.

CPS-3 will help researchers better understand the lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer. Researchers will use the data from CPS-3 to build on evidence from a series of American Cancer Society studies that began in the 1950s that collectively have involved millions of volunteer participants. These studies have played a major role in understanding cancer prevention and risk, and have contributed significantly to the scientific basis and development of public health guidelines. Earlier studies confirmed the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, demonstrated the link between larger waist size and increased death rates from cancer and other causes, and showed the considerable impact of air pollution on heart and lung conditions.

The voluntary, long-term commitment by participants is what will produce benefits for decades to come. “Taking an hour or so every few years to fill out a survey — and potentially save someone from being diagnosed with cancer in the future — is a commitment that thousands of volunteer participants have already made. We’re looking for more like-minded individuals in [the western communities] to join this effort that we know will save lives and improve the outlook for future generations,” said Alpa V. Patel, Ph.D., principal investigator of CPS-3.

For more information, or to learn how to become involved with CPS-3, call (888) 604-5888 or visit