Frontier Kids Win At Math & Science Fair

Seven Frontier Elementary School students earned awards at this year’s Palm Beach County Mathematics and Science Fair held May 6 through 8 at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

Jackson Harding, a fourth-grader from Lisa Caprio’s science class, and fifth-grader Jacob Hargesheimer from Molly Harding’s science class, both won first place in the mathematics category.

Dylan Justin, also in Harding’s fifth-grade science class, placed second in math. Third place went to fourth-graders Kailee Matthews in math and R.J. Sorensen in science, both from Caprio’s science class, and fifth-grader, Brandon Domaceti from Harding’s science class.

Fourth-grader McKinley Harding from Caprio’s class took home honorable mention in the math category.

Frontier Elementary is proud of all the students who entered the mathematics and science fair.

ABOVE: Frontier Elementary Student mathematics and science winners.