SeaView Eyecare Offers Complete Vision Services

Proper eye care is crucial to maintaining good vision, and SeaView Eyecare in Wellington offers patients comprehensive vision services. Among SeaView’s services are eye exams, emergency eye care, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, Lasik procedures, and cataract pre- and post-operative care.

Owner and optometrist Dr. Amanda Weiss knew early on that she wanted to become a doctor. She decided to become an optometrist while in school, helping patients in the hospital. “I had a patient who had macular degeneration, and working with her had a profound effect on me,” she said.

Weiss, originally from St. Louis, observed several optometrists and decided that was the type of doctor she wanted to become. She went on to receive her degree from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn., in 2004, and did her residency in family practice optometry with an emphasis in ocular disease, also through Southern College of Optometry.

After eight years of experience at other practices, Weiss decided to open her own practice. “It has taken a while to come into fruition,” she said. “I’ve worked in a number of places, but I’ve always practiced in Florida.”

Her experience working at other practices gained her the knowledge necessary for her own practice. “I floated around to a number of practices to learn how I wanted my practice to be when I opened it,” Weiss explained.

Weiss previously worked in an office that specialized in glaucoma and macular degeneration. “We did clinical trials for new drugs that came into the market, and I gained a significant amount of expertise in the field,” she said.

Weiss is pleased to have opened her practice in Wellington. “I love it because it’s sunny and I love the sun,” she said. “I don’t miss the overcast days of the Midwest.”

SeaView offers a variety of comprehensive eye care needs for all members of the family, which include eye exams that check for disorders of the visual system and eye muscle, and prescriptions that aid in correcting these problems.

For emergency eye care issues, SeaView offers patients immediate assistance, whether it’s for a case of pink eye or any other eye malady.

In addition, SeaView is able to provide clients with contact lenses and glasses. There are hundreds of frames on display, from designer models to more economical ones for children.

With licensed optician Jennifer Childress on staff, SeaView is able to fit, make, dispense and troubleshoot eyeglasses and contact lenses for corrective vision. “We have worked together for many years and make a great team,” Weiss said.

The practice takes walk in appointments for checkups and consultations for glasses and contacts. Patients typically come in for three common reasons.

“They’re usually, number one, ‘my vision is blurry,’ number two, ‘my eye is red,”’ Weiss said. “And number three, which I see often because I tend to see children in addition to adults, is ‘my child is not doing well in school and I’m concerned that he or she may have an eye problem.’”

When clients come in to SeaView, the visit will begin with an eye exam to see if the eye is in focus. Weiss and her staff also educate clients on their condition and options for treatment.

“They decide if they want to do eye glasses or contact lenses also,” Weiss said. “If they decide to wear contacts, we teach them how to use them.”

SeaView Eyecare is located at 2545 S. State Road 7, Unit 10, near Whole Foods Market in Wellington. For more info., visit or call (561) 790-7290.


ABOVE: SeaView Eyecare office manager and optician Jennifer Childress with owner and optometrist Dr. Amanda Weiss.