The Phantom Recommends P.B. Wax Studio


Over the past 20-plus years, I have reviewed over 1,000 restaurants, 200 hotels, 100 museums and 20 cruise ships locally, nationally and internationally, on four continents, and for the first time I am reviewing a waxing studio. This turned out to be an “out-of-my-body hair-raising experience.”

When you think of body waxing, you think of this service for a woman’s eyebrows, legs, bikini line and the Brazilian — you don’t necessarily think of men’s waxing. However, now I do, and it was a very interesting and pleasant experience. There are a multitude of waxing services for men and women at the lovely Palm Beach Wax Studio. This superb studio is located on the ground floor of the Sun and Surf Condominium at 100 Sunrise Ave. on the island of Palm Beach. There is even complimentary valet parking for clients of the studio.

Owner and master wax aesthetician DeeLisa Sacco has developed a “luxurious body waxing” technique through her years of extensive experience and research, and she is an expert at customizing the gentlest and most effective pain-free wax for each client. Sacco prides herself in stating, “Waxing is all I do,” and she does it well. Also, her studio is the only studio in Palm Beach County — and one of three locations in Florida — to offer permanent hair removal via the enzyme-based Depilar System.

The Depilar System requires successive treatments over the course of 12 to 24 months, depending on the area. The Depilar System is applied at two- to six-week intervals, depending on the body part. Sacco noted that a decrease in hair growth will be noticeable after the fourth treatment with this progressive system.

Recently I had some cosmetic surgery, and the pulling and tucking moved my hair line under my eyebrows and around my ears, where it was uncomfortable, so I decided to enter the waxing world. Sacco cleared up my problem and used three different premium waxes for the different areas. It was a pain-free treatment, and everything went smoothly! OK, the third area was my… got you! Like the 40-Year-Old Virgin, I decided to wax my chest, resulting in no pain and no hair. My skin is smooth and it looks great.

My fiancée went along with me and had her legs waxed, as well as a bikini wax. Wow — looking good! I should also mention there is a first-class barber shop operated by Dennis Sacco, DeeLisa’s husband, along with a terrific hair salon. We will be visiting Palm Beach Wax Studio monthly, along with the barber shop and the hair salon. I am also considering the permanent hair removal for under my eyebrows and around my ears, via the Depilar System.

It is also important for me to tell you that Sacco is fastidious about cleanliness and uses sanitizers and autoclaves. Naturally, she wears fresh gloves for each client (and changes them for each body part on each client), and she uses multiple sterile tongue depressors on each client — with no double-dipping — to apply the wax in a sterile and efficient fashion.

Finally, I was very impressed to learn that Sacco donates a percentage of profits to the ALS Association. Her grandmother died from ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), and Sacco feels strongly about giving back.

So if you are looking for wonderful, pain-free waxing and/or permanent solution for unwanted hair, or a great barber and a fabulous hair stylist, call Sacco at (561) 833-9860 or visit Palm Beach Wax Studio is open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment. Please tell them that the Phantom recommended their superb services.