Letter: Alarmed At Council Actions

I am a Wellington resident of more than 20 years and I am, along with many others, very alarmed! The conduct of the Wellington Village Council has reached a point of serious concern with the recent attempt to dismiss the village manager. It is now time for the contentiousness and bickering by this elected governing body to end.

The council has already garnered numerous editorials criticizing its performance, and the latest misstep should be a wakeup call to change its demeanor. I don’t believe most Wellington residents take one side or the other when it comes to the matters of the equestrian industry and the lawsuit that has been brought about by development plans to support the industry. What all residents can and should agree on is that everyone wants a better community that includes equestrian interests without lawsuits and angry elected officials creating editorials that include the words “embarrassment” and “dysfunctional.”

The solution is for each member of this council to embrace two words that will provide direction: “leadership” and “compromise.” Anyone who rises to public service has to be free of emotions and personal agendas. And they must rise to a level of leadership that can give way to the compromise that will stop the characterization of this council and this community as “dysfunctional.”

All the elected members of the council should consider their own integrity, as well as the legacy they leave for themselves, if they don’t reverse this terrible period that has come to be characterized as pure and simple “revenge.”

Chuck Elderd, Wellington