Canine Joins Staff At The Rosarian Academy

Jody is a 3-year-old golden retriever who recently joined the Rosarian Academy full time.

Assisting the school’s principal, guidance counselor, resource specialist and various classroom teachers, Jody works as a therapeutic partner to students and faculty through her unconditional love, understanding and acceptance.

Jody seems to have a sixth sense and seeks out people who need a “doggie hug” — a perfect enhancement to an environment that fosters each student’s emotional and intellectual needs at every developmental stage.

After finishing her career as a show dog and becoming an international champion, Jody was donated to Genesis Assistance Dogs to be trained as a facility dog. “Wherever there was a need for a hug, Jody was right there being very quiet, patient and gentle; simply waiting for the person to make the first contact… she was the perfect facility dog,” said Norma Najorka, training director for Genesis Assistance Dogs.

Since starting at Rosarian three weeks ago, Jody has already begun making a positive impact in the lives of the students and faculty.

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ABOVE: Jody, surrounded by owner and Principal Virginia Devine and Rosarian students.