Letter: Disappointed By Threats To Schofield

As a 21-year resident of Wellington, I read with great disappointment the article in the June 14 issue of the Town-Crier about the Wellington Village Council considering terminating Paul Schofield as our village manager. As with many issues with this council during the past 15 months, it seems personal issues are clouding their judgment.

I have been amazed at how well our village has adapted and worked through the issues caused by the real estate crisis. Where is the thanks to the man who has led his team through these difficult times? Schofield is a person who has never stood up and said look what “I” accomplished; he has always been a team player and has led his team forward. In my opinion, our village looks great while the budget has been successfully cut year after year during the crisis.

It was not that long ago, but I long for the good ol’ days when it didn’t matter which political party or which side of the equestrian battle a council member supported. In those days, our council could be counted on to do what was best for all of Wellington. I feel I am part of the silent majority, tired of the bickering; it is time that this council moves forward with the important issues that are in front of us.

Keeping Schofield in his position and allowing him to do his job would be a move in the right direction for all of Wellington.

Donald Gross, Wellington