Letter: ITID Must Fix Intersection

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to “ITID Was Warned About Deadly Intersection” by Karl Witter, published last week.

Thank you, Karl, for stating it like it is regarding speeding on Tangerine Blvd. and our dangerous intersection at Tangerine and 120th Avenue N.

I, too, have talked to ITID about the problems in the area to no avail. It seems every time I have talked to someone, “there is no record of a problem.” After I spoke with media camped on my swale after the unfortunate fatal accident a week ago, the news stated there was only one reported accident since 2010 at our intersection. My son and I have witnessed and heard many accidents and near misses at this intersection. Maybe there is only one reported accident because no one stays around to see what they hit or just barely missed.

Many weekends, I see errant tire tracks in the swale or a new gouge in one of the trees. I’ve picked up car parts and thrown them away. I check to see if my fence is still intact as I have dogs and want them safely inside my boundaries. I encouraged the media to come back and run a follow-up segment on the speeding in the area. Steve Schelb from Channel 12 News was doing that one afternoon and was quite surprised at the blatant disregard for the speed limit. He is willing to speak with anyone living in the area.

It truly was only a matter of time before someone was killed along this stretch of roadway. There are many walkers, joggers and families cycling along this road. There is also a bus stop on the southeast corner of the intersection. Katherine Rigby and her son, Devin, were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Condolences to the family and friends. And unfortunately, this problem may worsen when State Road 7 is extended to 60th Street. I would expect more traffic to come down Tangerine.

ITID, it is time to open your eyes and pull your head out of the sand. It was stated that only one person wants speed humps in the area. You are very wrong. I have spoken with several neighbors along Tangerine and we all want speed humps. I suggest you speak with those of us who live along this road and surrounding roads and get our input. Do a survey and have PBSO run radar. Ask them about the motorcyclist who raced down the road at around 90 mph while they were finishing their paperwork on the night of the accident.

The time to act is now — before the next fatality. I am certain that there will be more if you fail to act. You cannot state the you are unaware of a problem any longer. Let’s work together to make this a safer roadway.

Ann Junkes
The Acreage