Letter: Mocking Voters Who Support Independent OIG?

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to last week’s letter by Frank Morelli titled “We Need A Financial Watchdog.”

I find it interesting as a liberal, that a conservative supposedly committed to reducing costs by those “free-spending liberals” would suggest yet another layer of bureaucracy on top of the already burdensome and inefficient system we now “enjoy.”

I think the suggestion is not a serious one but a foil intended to mock the voters who voted for the Office of the Inspector General. Yes, it was approved by 72 percent of the voters in a free and open election — voters who understood that freewheeling politicians representing special interests have had their way long enough with public money and that oversight was necessary.

The day of politicians and special interests is being threatened by the creation of an independent OIG, and the reasons for politicians in 14 cities to resist are crystal clear, justifying oversight from an independent OIG.

The corruption level in “Corruption County” — four public officials either in jail or having been in jail over ethics and public trust issues — attests to the need for oversight by an independent OIG.

With few exceptions, the public has learned the only time politicians lie to them is when their lips are moving.

It appears to this writer, at least, that the suggested new bureaucracy is nothing more than another level of protection from oversight of finances of the 14 cities by an independent OIG.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach