Area Artist Nicky Greed Releases Full-Length Album

A new and different-sounding musical artist from Palm Beach County has just released his first full-length CD, The Truest of Greed. Nicky Greed is the primary creator of the project, which includes rap/hip-hop music blended with influences from rock, alternative and R&B, delivered by a voice that is sometimes compared to Jimi Hendrix.

Greed’s lyrics, rapping and music is strong, powerful, direct, raw and from the heart. He also includes other artists on the album to add a mix and blend of different energies and styles to keep any rap/hip-hop lover smiling and moving with the beat.

Greed, also known as Nicholas Trott-Pearman, was born in the Bermuda and moved with his mother and brother to Florida at an early age. His mother, who was a singer in Bermuda, was his first and primary source of music.

Greed said those early days included mostly R&B, easy jazz and “feel good music” from artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jon Secada and Kenny G.

Thanks to his older brother, Lenny, Greed was also exposed to other types of music, such as Metalica, AC/DC, Mudvayne, System of a Down and Disturbed. What caught his attention however was the band Incubus. “I started vibing on that music and started to try to emulate and sing like Brandon (the lead singer),” he said.

Greed’s singing improved, and he later started pursuing rock music by creating the band Silver Solin, where he was the lyricist and singer.

A pivotal moment came after a visit from his cousin, Cadre, from Atlanta. Cadre is described is a ball of energy with extreme life experiences coming from an edgy, fast-moving urban area. This was very different from what Greed was accustomed to.

“Dre (Cadre) came down and wanted me to kind of toughen up because I was raised by my mom and my grandmother,” Greed said. “Dre came into the picture, and he had a little bit of this hood vibe to him. He had me listening to DMX and Jay Z. He had me going to Miami. He got my mom lending him her car. He got me comfortable talking to the girls, and best of all, he rapped. That’s what really sparked the rap side of my music, because he opened me up to that culture and that type of music.”

Greed described his latest project as “intense.” In choosing a special song on the album, Nicky mentions “Daydream.”

“I did a song with Cavari called ‘Daydream,’ that’s a very special song to me. I wrote the lyrics, and the place that those lyrics came from are a bittersweet memory of gain and tragedy at the same time,” he said. “The words come from very tough life lessons that I had to go through; friends that I had to let go of along the way or that were lost because of who I have become.”

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