Letter: Councilman Comments Were Unprofessional

The recent comments from Wellington Councilman Matt Willhite about Village Manager Paul Schofield were bizarre at best. To suggest that the council consider terminating Mr. Schofield because “we are just not getting along” is a sign that maybe we consider terminating Mr. Willhite’s contract. How un-professional of a councilman that if he has personal problems with the manager, he cannot work his problems out with the manager in private.

Mr. Schofield’s record is outstanding since he took office at a time when the whole economic market was collapsing. Mr. Schofield cut the budget by over $50 million during the last five years, avoided layoffs of staff, continued improving streets, swales and canals, and continued improving facilities and recreation assets at the same time.

He oversaw the building of the finest environmental municipal facility in the county, improvements to parks, playgrounds and the dog park, and has directed the new tennis center and community center to the next level. In addition, he has brought stability to the village’s staff and brought a transparency to all levels of Wellington government unmatched in the county.

The Town-Crier is correct in stating that Mr. Schofield has performed at a high level, personally being in municipal government over the last 10 years, many city managers have the utmost respect for Mr. Schofield and his abilities. I cannot say the same thing for Mr. Willhite.

My dad always told me if something does not make sense, probably money or politics is involved. The rumor is that Mr. Willhite is seeking higher office, so I guess he is looking for some issue that can take traction. Mr. Willhite needs to find another issue, because Paul Schofield is one of the best managers we could ever hope for in Wellington.

Maybe Mr. Willhite could work on the huge cost Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue imposes on the residents of Wellington each year at tax time — a cost that far exceeds the cost of the village on your real estate tax bill every year. How may fires have you seen lately?

Mr. Willhite, please leave well enough alone and find another issue that may further your career.

Steve Haughn, Wellington


  1. Mr. Haughn’s letter is right on target. Wellington should be proud of the work our manager, Mr. Schofield has done during the rocky economic times in our country and during the chaos that ensued after the last Wellington council election.

    As for Councilman Willhite, he is very alienating. His personality gets in the way of compromise and the well being of our Village.

    ‘Palm Beach County Days’ in Tallahassee, found Councilman Willhite wandering off and feathering his own nest and advancement rather than the Village’s.

    One does get the impression that Willhite is seeking higher office with his pandering to politicians from his side of the aisle and by aiding them with invitations to speak and appointments to Wellington committees.

    Wellington used to be non-political; people sought to serve and improve the Village. Councilman Willhite has brought his politics into Wellington to serve and advance himself, not the community.

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