Letter: Support Proper Immigration

The Democrat’s war cry was “we have to reform immigration to get the illegals into the open.” A much better way would have been to allow all illegals to submit an application for citizenship and go through the approximate five-year process of becoming a citizen. This would have brought them into the open legally. Within a month or so after application for citizenship, they would receive a green card allowing them to work and live in the country legally. All the problems would have been solved without full amnesty. These people would then be contributing to themselves and our country, while going through the process of becoming American citizens.

The cost to become a citizen is about $4,000 per person times 11 million is $400 billion, which would have gone a long way to help pay some of the financial burden they represent, as amnesty will mean. The only thing that needs reform is the Democratic Party. They pushed amnesty through just like Obamacare without thinking it through. This is a dangerous party, as you can see.

Ronald Piretti
Royal Palm Beach