Art Society Plans ‘Meet The Artists’ Reception Aug. 6

Next week, members of the community will have an opportunity to check out local art and meet critically acclaimed local artists during the Wellington Art Society’s “Meet the Artists” reception at the Wellington Municipal Complex.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, from 4 to 5:30 p.m., 14 artists will be on hand to discuss their artwork on display in the second-floor gallery at the municipal complex. The event is free and open to the public.

“We’ve participated in the Art in Public Places program for years,” Wellington Art Society President Leslie Pfeiffer told the Town-Crier Tuesday. “When the new building was built, they included a gallery area with lighting to display artwork. We were asked to display our art there.”

The Wellington Art Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 1981. It is open to artists of all media and aims to make visual art accessible to the community. Club members have more than 80 pieces of art on display throughout the community, including 34 original pieces on display in the municipal complex.

The art pieces vary from paintings to sculptures and 3-D art, and they are rotated every four months. Pfeiffer explained that group members can submit up to three pieces of art for each cycle, which are chosen by village staff members based on specific criteria.

“It was the village’s idea to use the gallery space to display local artwork,” she said. “It’s a great way to showcase our local talent.”

Many of the artists, though local to Wellington, have achieved national and international acclaim.

“Many of our artists are well-known,” Pfeiffer said. “This is an opportunity for people and families to come and meet the artists. We like to have a dialogue between the artists and the community about creativity and the art process.”

The village’s art gallery is a stunning location to display art, Pfeiffer noted. “The lighting is terrific,” she said. “It allows for large pieces, as well as free-standing sculptures and 3-D pieces on pedestals.”

If you can’t make the Aug. 6 reception, Pfeiffer encourages the community to check out the pieces on their own. The gallery is open to the public anytime the municipal complex is open.

And starting in September, the Wellington Art Society will offer tours of the gallery on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

“It will be a guided tour of the current exhibition,” Pfeiffer said. “We invite families and groups to come. Hopefully after people come to the reception, they will bring their family and friends back on another occasion.”

She said the goal is to increase community awareness of the unique gallery.

“It’s open and airy and an outstanding venue for our artists,” Pfeiffer said. “There are so many things going on in the area, with the amphitheater and the community center, and this should be a stop for people to make.”

For more information, visit or call Pfeiffer at (561) 632-3677.


ABOVE: Eye of Giant Buddha by Nancy Brown is one of the pieces currently on display in the upstairs gallery at the Wellington Municipal Complex.