Dieudonne Signs For College Basketball

Basketball player Williamson Dieudonne — a 6-foot-6-inch, 235-pound forward — signed with West Hills Community College in Coalinga, Calif., on Monday, Aug. 12. Dieudonne never actually played basketball at Wellington High School, but attended classes and worked on improving his grades and received a GED.

“Williamson is a guy who didn’t get this opportunity the traditional way, but worked really hard to put himself in a position to obtain his high school diploma and become recruitable,” said Matt Colin, Wellington High School’s basketball coach. “He’s got the size and strength that you want in a college player, and he can play multiple position due to his skill level. He gets a second chance at a playing basketball, going to school and accomplishing one of his dreams.”

West Hills plays in the Central Valley Conference, one of the top conferences in California. Williamson will be joining fellow Palm Beach County recruits Stephon Gordon (WHS) and Lanville Lewis (Summit Christian).

ABOVE: (Front row) Wiliamson Dieudonne and his father William Dieudonne;(back row) Matt Colin, brother Alex Dieudonne and Chris Fratalia.