Letter: Good First Step, Still Concerns

I applaud the Wellington Village Council for looking into current problems and having a consultant analyze obstacles to moving forward. The Town-Crier is right on when the newspaper states that this is the first building block to repairing relationships, working on establishing trust and common goals, and having frank and honest discussions about the village and its future.

Unfortunately, there is one bad apple who seems to constantly strive to stir the pot and make a career of being divisive and being the voice of “no” and negativity: Councilman Matt Willhite. Mr. Willhite is the driving force behind the move to fire the manager, and was quoted as saying, “that we just aren’t getting along” in the days before the consultant was brought on board. Now that the consultant confirmed that indeed they aren’t getting along, and has outlined a process to solve those problems, Mr. Willhite now wants a study to make a decision on whether they should fire Mr. Schofield. Sorry councilman, that is your job and quit looking for somebody else to take the heat. If you were paying attention, you would notice that he is doing a great job.

Years ago, when Wellington was in its infancy as a municipality, Mr. Willhite would sit in the back of the council chambers and speak against every issue that came up, religiously, meeting after meeting. Some things never change, and unfortunately, Mr. Willhite is not only part of the problem now, he is the problem.

But I am very hopeful, as Mayor Bob Margolis is becoming the leader and mayor that all of us knew he could be. During Bob’s terms as councilman, he was the most respected and liked councilman from all sectors of the community. His achievements were large, and he was known for getting things done and listening to all sides of every issue. I feel that with the mayor’s leadership, and the other three council members’ willingness to work together, Wellington can finally get back on track and move forward, keeping this one of the best places in America to live.

Steve Haughn, Wellington


  1. Councilman Willhite is alienating. Would have to agree he is the negative nebob on the council. All council members do have their opinions and should rightfully express them; but they are not consistently a contrarian- which is a ‘habitual opponent of policies, opinion and practices’- as Councilman Willhite is.

    Mayor Margolis is thoughtful in his responses, Councilman Greene has shown the ability and a new willingness to listen, but Willhite is stubborn and an unfriendly presence on the dais. Though he contends he is only doing what is best for Wellington, his consistent negativity and his consistent attacks are showing his true character.

    It’s Willhite’s way or the highway.

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