Letter: Study Traffic At Crestwood Blvd. Intersection

Editor’s note: The following letter is addressed to the Royal Palm Beach Village Council. A copy was sent to the Town-Crier for publication.

Dear Council Members:

I am bringing this to your attention because of my deep concern for safety, brought on by the newly installed signalized traffic intersection on Crestwood Blvd. for the Renaissance Academy at Palms West.

Heading south on Crestwood Blvd., because of the left curving of the road and landscaping in the median just before the entrance to the Renaissance Academy, a driver cannot see the traffic lights or any other signals associated with the intersection. There appears to be no provision at all for warning oncoming drivers of this newly signalized intersection.

To properly alert the driver, there needs to be flashing warnings of the signals, preferably a light system showing the status of the light (green/red). Static signage before the left curve, while probably the cheapest option, would be inadequate. There needs to be an active system that draws the driver’s attention to the approaching intersection and the status of the traffic light.
One could make the point that eventually drivers will get used to it. However, this approach quickly fails because it will take drivers a while to get used to it, there will always be drivers new to the area, drivers do not always pay attention to their driving and, if crossing guards are in place, they would be in danger.

Taking this a step further, if this intersection is for the school children to cross a busy six-lane road, why take any chances at all?

There are ways to prevent a tragedy from occurring. Please give this the utmost attention and study it deserves. Develop a solution and implement it with all due speed. The safety and lives of these school children depend on addressing this situation. This applies as well to drivers traversing this area outside of the school sessions.

Tom Parker, Royal Palm Beach