RPBHS Dancers Shine At Disney World

The Wildcat Dancers Dance Team from Royal Palm Beach High School performed during prime time at Downtown Disney’s Waterfront Main Stage on July 26.

The RPBHS dancers worked over the summer for two weeks learning seven new dance routines choreographed by master teacher and Dance Director Michele Blecher.

The large audience at Disney’s Waterfront Main Stage enjoyed the team’s performance, which was a mix of routines in the dance styles of jazz, lyrical and contemporary.

After the team’s performance, they enjoyed a pool party at a Disney resort hotel. The rest of the weekend was team bonding time at Walt Disney World.

Blecher, team members and parents were thrilled with the successful opening season performance and look forward to the team’s 2013-14 season of shows and competitions.

ABOVE: Wildcat Dancers Will Benacourt, Maureen Derius, Rachel Lambe, Loida Jimenez, Ana Rolden, YoreliMaderia, Captain Bryce Blecher, Dance Director Michele Blecher, Brittany Canales, Bianca Labady, Stephanie Sanchez, Bri Gribble, Tatyana Blackmon and Andres Cazares.