Aldi Project Offers Many Reasons For Our Area To Celebrate

Last week, the Village of Royal Palm Beach celebrated the groundbreaking of the long-planned Aldi distribution center. A project many years in the works, the distribution center is a great example of local organizations, business leaders, industry and community leaders working together to bring the right jobs to our area.

The new $50 million, 650,000-square-foot distribution center is located on 60 acres off State Road 7 and will bring more than 150 jobs to our community. That is in addition to dozens of planned Aldi grocery stores set to open not only in Royal Palm Beach, but also throughout South Florida.

Though the project is far from finished, all those who helped bring the project to Royal Palm Beach should be proud of their efforts and will no doubt bask in the fruits of their labor when the bustling facility opens its doors.

The collaboration between local, county and state leaders has paid off in a big way, and not just for Royal Palm Beach, but for South Florida as a whole. Already, Aldi has more than 50 stores in Florida with many more to come.

Aldi isn’t just going to provide jobs throughout the state, it’s going to offer well-paid positions with benefits that will elevate the quality of life for its employees and hopefully contribute to the quality of life in the surrounding community.

This project was the right choice for our area. Not only does Aldi believe in offering its customers and employees great opportunities, it is a company that has been conscious of its impact on the surrounding community. The village was able to work with Aldi to mitigate any worries from nearby residents about light and sound, coming to an amiable agreement. Further, Aldi is designing its structure with the environment in mind, keeping to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, which will minimize its impact.

We commend those at the Business Development Board, the Village of Royal Palm Beach and the county and state for working together to create policies that entice such businesses to our area, as well as incentives for them to choose the western communities.

We hope the collaboration will serve as a model for future business endeavors, and also show businesses across the country that our area is a prime place to relocate.