Letter: Don’t Trust The Double Speak

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “I Also Support OIG” by Frank Morelli, published last week.

Politics continues to produce audacity, and a new language evolves called double speak. In the parlance of political theater, it’s when you posture against something before you come out for it. A few individuals in the county, state and federal government who pass on laws and violate public trust are not insignificant and should not be tolerated. It has alerted the electorate that a more widespread level of corruption, as yet undetected, may exist — indeed a level of corruption that has been costing taxpayers millions of dollars, ergo a referendum supported by 72 percent of the electorate.

It is hypocritical to claim to support the Office of Inspector General and be against the funding that would make this office independent and a reality. Citing three incumbent office holders who have either been woefully silent or obstructive on the issue of an independent Office of Inspector General is hardly worthy of applause, and it is my opinion that Mayor [Steven] Abrams is more interested in the prestige of his office than in showing any support or leadership for an independent Office of Inspector General. Furthermore, that name-dropping of incumbents who have no record of accomplishment as it relates to this discussion may lead many to conclude or construe such use as ingratiating to incumbent politicians.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach