Letter: RPB Mayor Too Gavel Happy

It is unfortunate that the office of the mayor of Royal Palm Beach is in the hands of an autocratic politician posing as an executive who regards the rest of the village council members pertinent only when they agree with him.

The mayor’s moods have not changed. If anything, they’re worse, since his ugly exchange with former Councilwoman Martha Webster. He is becoming known as “Gavel Matty” as he, more frequently than any other mayor in 20-odd years, shut down any discussion or ideas by other village council members with his pernicious use of his gavel. Subjects or viewpoints and ideas expressed by council members that the mayor does not share are not met with a discussion of other council members, but just ended by the mayor and his ever-ready gavel.

The mayor postures himself as someone unsure of himself and threatened by the emergence of new ideas expressed by council members. Stress plays no favorites, but is tolerated better by younger people, who generally resolve issues and challenges by compromise or further discussion by council members who feel free to express themselves.

There is nothing so constant as change, and obstruction to normal business discourse during council meetings indicate a need for change. If our village is to grow, it requires someone with the vision and experience to steer a course into the future.

Richard Nielsen
Royal Palm Beach