In All Aspects Of Life, Mindfulness Is The Key To Great Health

By Lynette Laufenberg

There is a lot of advice out there about what great health is and how to attain it. Rightfully, we spend time and energy pursuing our health goals which are often only a heartbeat away. With all of the enticing advertisements for food and drugs and health “gurus” who end up confusing everyone, it can feel like a daunting task, but fear not. Life, in general, requires mindfulness. Mindfulness is keeping the things you need to do and why you need to do it in your fore-thoughts. Mindfulness is constant awareness, and when used consistently, will become what is most familiarly known as a “habit.”

Position yourself for great health mentally. Constant day-to-day pressures and demands create the perfect storm for poor overall mental health. There are several ways to combat mental and emotional distress mindfully:

• Spend time with friends who are positive and health minded. They will help guide, support and nurture you as you provide the same to them.

• Identify and address emotional issues immediately, because they can cloud judgment, especially true of anger and guilt. These two emotions can overwhelm the senses and increase mental agitation and negative thinking.

• Be on the lookout for the good in life and people. Negative situations can overlook the positive aspects in life, at great sacrifice to our mental health.

Position yourself for great health physically. Great physical health not only requires us to learn about our individual bodies and what works best for us to optimize health, but also requires keeping all of these health nuggets ever present in our minds:

• Keep blood sugar levels even by eating whole foods often throughout the day. This will decrease inflammation in the body and spikes in blood sugar, which is a key indicator of poor physical health.

• Get moving with a variety of activities. Mindfully consider that routine can breed contempt and lead to a lack of follow-through on maintaining physical activities.

• Systemic detoxification, especially of the liver and colon, is imperative for maintaining positive physical health or reversing negative physical health.

Most of these pointers are pretty apparent and easily maintained. But for those of us who may be struggling a bit, keep in your fore-thoughts the positive physical and mental things you need to do to produce those great habits.

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Lynette Laufenberg, a certified personal trainer, is program/fitness director at Ultima Fitness/Xtreme Tae Kwon Do. Ultima is located at 12799 W. Forest Hill Blvd. in Wellington. For more info., call (561) 795-2823 or visit