Letter: County Candidate A ‘Carpetbagger’

In reading the Town-Crier article on the new candidates who have entered the Palm Beach County Commission race for our district (Two New Candidates Join County Commission Race, Oct. 11), I note that there is a glaring omission — candidate Melissa McKinlay does not live in District 6.

For the record, she is and has been living in Lake Worth with her three children, where they attend school. I have been a longtime resident and voter in Wellington, and one of the things that I particularly believe is that representative government means someone from my community. If Ms. McKinlay is so concerned about jobs and schools — then work it out where you see the problems in your own district.

I remain offended that outsiders come into our town or district and expect to get elected and tell us what to do. There are local candidates in this race who know what this area is all about and have given years of service in business, elected office and community work that have earned the right to be considered for commissioner. I don’t know how others feel, but I, for one, am outraged at such carpetbagging right here in our town!

Nell Hagen-Altman, Wellington


  1. Agree with Nell. No more carpetbagging. We’ve seen it on a congressional level, let’s not let it begin on this local level.

    Everyone must remember that people were brought in to protest after the Wellington Council voting outcome. A local union organizer brought in people who didn’t even live in Wellington to protest, hold signs and yell out.

  2. Oh come on Nell. Your phony outrage is amusing. You are a shill for another candidate so just say so. I know both Ms. McKinley (who lived in Wellington for many years) and kathy Foster and am interested in what they have to say about the real issues.

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