Letter: Republicans Denying Rights Of The People

The Florida Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott are as irresponsible to the people of this state as the Republican-led House of Representatives is in Washington. Gov. Scott accepted the Obamacare (aka Affordable Health Care Act) exchanges, and now will not allow the people of this state to learn the details, how to use it, and are denying them the opportunity to make up their own minds.

The Florida Department of Health has banned federal outreach workers (called “navigators”) from coming into state health facilities for the purpose of signing up the uninsured for subsidized health care coverage available under Obamacare. This was led by our own Republican senator.

They would rather have us see the disgusting lies that the big-money insurance companies along with the big money PACs and the Koch brothers are paying billions of dollars for on disgusting TV ads with total lies, than see the truth, which will help all the people.

We should be demanding the right to hear and see the truth for ourselves.

Shirley Bass, Wellington


  1. It is not (aka Affordable Health Care Act) the correct title is the “Affordable Care Act”. Most Americans do not favor it and so far it appears that no one has been able to enroll in it because the website for enrollment crashes.

    Your disdain for the Republican party is palpable, which of course is your right, and in Palm Beach County you may find support for your position, but in most areas of the country that are not composed of left leaning progressives your opinions would be shunned.

    The Democrats are totally responsible for how Obamacare is functioning and I think most people realize it despite your protestations.

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