Letter: Rest In Peace, Dr. Ringler

Sadly, our community has lost one of its most beloved members. Dr. Richard Ringler, our “gentle giant,” touched virtually all of our lives with his compassion, kindness and caring not only for the animals he cared for but for those of us whose pets are our “four-legged children” as well.

“Doc” was more than our veterinarian; he was our friend and our consoler, when needed. His patients were his passion. We could always be confident that he was using his best medical knowledge in treating our beloved pets. He prolonged life when it might have seemed hopeless and comforted us when it was. He always had a smile and a joke or two when you came into his office and everyone probably remembers his “what’s up?”

“Doc” left us a couple of weeks ago, but his memory will be with us forever. Now I would like to picture all the animals he ever treated wagging their tails to greet him.

Arlene Olinsky, Royal Palm Beach