Letter: Wellington Must Support Dressage Facility

Next Tuesday’s Wellington Village Council meeting will be a pivotal point in the healing of the divisiveness that grew out of the council election of 2012. The council can do the right thing and approve the master plan amendment and compatibility determination for the Global Dressage Festival facility, thereby effectively healing this village in an instant.

The dressage facility is extremely important to the success and stability of our equestrian industry here in Wellington. There are many residents of Wellington and equestrian industry members who rely on the income and opportunity that the equestrian industry provides to so many people here. The GDF venue will expand equine disciplines in Wellington and will attract more equestrians, especially Europeans.

Let’s not continue the class divisiveness. We need an equestrian industry that will benefit the many, not a private sport for the elite few.

The council on Tuesday will also decide whether to support a bid for the World Equestrian Games (WEG). The WEG would be an honor for Wellington and would transform the village into a mecca for equestrian sport for the world to envy.

Please come out and support both of these issues on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at the Wellington Village Council meeting. We need you there, involved, so that the agenda items that are so vital to our economy can be approved and we can move forward from the insanity of the past year.

Jack Mancini, Wellington