Letter: Speaking About Punctuation…

First of all, kudos to Glenn Waters for the witty and innovative letter in last week’s Town-Crier concerning punctuation and our president’s healthcare initiative. The letter ends with “Mr. President, I really do not need your help, period.”

Sadly, that is not the case for millions of Americans. How quickly we have forgotten the injustices and greed of many of our healthcare insurance providers. Dropping sick people, refusing those with pre-existing conditions, refusing payment contractually agreed upon and dramatic policy premium increases, far ahead of inflation.

Now where is the plan — any plan — by the dissenters? The Republicans had the time for over 40 votes to repeal the law, but no time to write their own; and years later, still nary a peep on the subject except “no.”

Oh, by the way, the majority of these healthcare law ideas were written years ago by a conservative (Republican) think tank, the Heritage Foundation. But now that President Obama, a Democrat, heaven forbid, proffered it, it became unpalatable.

Americans pay more for medical care than any other nation, yet we have a higher mortality rate for children and a lower life expectancy for adults among all developed nations.

Now, the letter writer makes a good point for periods, but what of the more demonstrative exclamation points and question marks? Are they not deserving?

For example, President Bush during his reign presided over a financial collapse, a housing collapse, a second Iraq war based upon falsehoods, slowing a war in Afghanistan to promote the war in Iraq only to lose ground and force us to have another “surge” in Afghanistan — both wars of which we are losing and will lose, leaving the Middle East more volatile. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention hurricane Katrina, another failed response!

Now for the question mark: if one were to compare the actions of the two presidents, one who starts wars, a disastrous economic collapse and a slovenly hurricane assistance response to that of another president, who merely tried to help millions who are suffering because of a broken healthcare system, which is of more importance? Which is more demonstrative, periods or exclamation and question marks?

George Unger, Wellington


  1. Why are you not using the question mark? Is George Bush is not running for office, and is he running the country? Do you have any authority to cite? didn’t we hear all your arguments on the far left CNBC political talking heads?

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