New Horizons Students Honor Veterans

New Horizons Elementary School students celebrated Veterans Day with their families and staff, who all gathered to honor veterans, active service members and their families.

New Horizons Cub Scouts presented the flag with student Javelle Pierre singing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Guidance Counselor Lynne Bray rallied students to learn from the experience a special way to show respect to others.

Former Wellington Mayor Tom Wenham, a Korean War veteran, challenged students to thank veterans for their service. Parent and active Army Warrant Officer Alex Anduze, who arrived back home that morning, recognized the families of those serving for the sacrifices they make.

The New Horizons Dub Poetry Ensemble, led by teacher Sherry Case, recited two poems thanking veterans. Under the direction of music teacher Veronica Dillingham, the Music Club Step Team performed the rhythm “V-E-T-E-R-A-N-S” and the Music Club sang “American Tears.”

Eleven veterans and active service personnel, along with their families, were honored with a certificate. As a gesture of respect, Wenham led students in shaking the hands of each veteran in attendance.

ABOVE: Veterans with New Horizons Veterans Day program participants.