Nomads Win League Championship

The Palm Beach Nomads U-14 soccer team defeated the Coral Springs United U-15 team 3-1 the weekend of Oct. 26-27 to win the Palm Beach League Championship. After playing eight games in the regular season, the Nomads reached the finals and finished off the championship with a combination of solid defense, excellent attacking and a midfield that shut Coral Springs down. After scoring the most goals in the league and defeating multiple Palm Beach County teams, it was a well-deserved win for the Nomads. (Front row, left to right) Ian Schmueli, Josh Boss, Patrick Kennan, Dawson Suncine and Will Korte; (back row) coach Chris Rue, Ben Coriaty, Cameron Murphy, David Fennell, Zack Stoloff, Carlos Molina, Aston Crosbie, Drin Mahmuti, Tyler Muschett, Crystal Hagberg and coach Phil Cotton. Not pictured: Callan Walker, Brandon Quijada, David Berelus and head coach Ivan McKinley.